~Aztlan Connect 2018~

America is run by psychopaths.

The Mexican and US Constitutions..A Hegelian Hypothesis..

Reform movements are open to failure Hegel warned,since a nation’s intelligence and strength may not suffice . . . and it may hold to the lower law.Failed reform movements,says Hegel,can also result in a people giving up its nationality and becoming subject to another nation that has reached its higher constitution.

Antifa and BLM....agents,dupes of global neo-liberal Corporate Capiltalism..AKA "Friendly Fascism"..

2018.. A year of great changes.....

Who is Donald Trump? What is Donald Trump? Who makes the decisions for him..and what interests does he represent?

2017 What does Donald Trump mean for Chicanos,Mexicans

Donald Trump decided to build his campaign for the Presidency by scapegoating Mexicans.Whether he will follow through on his campaign rhetoric of mass deportations and building a wall remains to be seen.To his credit,unlike Hillary,he is against NAFTA,TPP,foreign entanglements,more wars in the middle east and fomenting a hostile relationship with Russia.

2016 What Hillary Clinton means for Chicanos and Mexicans

Hillary is an extremely dangerous "Friendly Fascist"..a neo-con warmonger who seeks war with Russia in order to make trillions for the Military-Industrial Complex,get Americans minds off a collapsing economy.
She is a thief and a liar..an inveterate crook and con-woman. She is even more repulsive,obnoxious,corrupt than Donald Trump ..albeit in a slightly different and deceptive manner..

A state-of-the art California style Feudalism? "Keeping the Mexicans in their place!".. The California DEM establishment has it all worked out within their Hierarcy..only white and black liberals allowed to get the top jobs..US Senate..Governor.. Mexicans are their peasant class..born and bred to serve the DEM aristocracy!!

In 2014,Chicanos became a plurality in the state (38%),but those numbers are far from being translated into political power.

In California,Latino political power is frustrated due to many problems-Internal as well as External. Internally:disorganization,fragmentation,poor communication,lack of a unified vision of the future,will,poor leadership,education.All of which combine to derail Chicano Progress.

Externally,such antagonisms are largely based on demographics-anti-Latino racism:the fear and resentment of a growing Latino population... and yes,the fear of wealthy white liberal yuppies of Latino Labor organizing in the state.

If California Chicanos are not vigilant,strong,independent..bold.. they run the serious risk of being cast into a permanent political system whereby they are relegated to the lower ranks as provincial vassals who obey the dictates of the California Democratic Party Machine Aristocracy i.e. Willy Brown,Kamala Harris,Gavin Newsom..etc etc..who seek to create an Elite liberal ruling class via control,influence over powerful political offices in the state such as US Senator,Governor etc etc……

In short,these Democratic Party PC Liberals seek to rule,control Chicanos as if they were a peasant class born to serve their interests..their agenda! Their strategy? … to control,via the big San Francisco,Silicon Valley Money network,weak Latino politicians..use them as loyal foot soldiers who will faithfully carry out the dictates,terms of master’s agenda to the letter.

2016 is a pivotal year for California’s burgeoning Chicano population. They must be educated,made aware that there are elitists within the Democratic Party Machine who are stealthily preparing to carry out their vision of a California future- to create,exploit a permanent Latino servant class whose station in life shall be to serve Royal needs:pay taxes,pay tribute to the San Francisco Lords.

This is unacceptable to California’s 17 million Mexican-Americans!! They must fight for self-determination against any Oligarchy! Chicanos must not tolerate “NO LATINOS ALLOWED” to become the unofficial slogan of the California Democratic Party Machine!

Mexican-Americans must demand from their leaders that they place their loyalties to the interests of the people who elected them above the entrenched Democratic Party Machine Hierarchy!

“The Absolute is Spiritual”

The WHOLE,in all its complexity, is called by Hegel "the Absolute." The Absolute is spiritual.-Sir Bertrand Russel

The Whole…Self-Determination of the Chicano People. Not just individual Parts..politicians,careerists,economic opportunists,DEMS,GOP,Liberals,Conservatives..etc *

“Spiritual”.. means the Collective self-consciousness of the Chicano people.

Chicano Self-Determination and Recognition all human, anthropogenetic desire—

the desire that generates self-consciousness, the human reality—is a function of the desire for “recognition.”

And the risk of life by which the human reality “comes to light” is a risk for the sake of such a desire.

Therefore, to speak of the “origin” of self-consciousness is necessarily to speak of a fight to the death for “recognition.”

The PC Liberal Main Stream Media is Hostile to Latinos.

The Main Stream Media Spins..”LATINOS BAD"..everyone else "GOOD..”

Self-Determination means Chicanos thinking for themselves,being Critical and Open Minded!